Monday, August 15, 2011

Grey Knights: My List and the Reasons Behind It

Well, now that I've decided, I'm going to be creating a Grey Knights Paladin army. Along with the reasons in my previous post, I really like the looks of the models, and the idea of such a small, elite force just laying waste to a battlefield brings joy to my heart. So, what exactly am I planning to include in my army list?

My HQ will be Kaldor Draigo. Obvious, I know, as he is what makes the paladins troops, but still, he is worth mentioning as the powerhouse he is. Not only is he eternal warrior, but he is also the only grey knight to take a storm shield! So he is extremely surviveable.

For my troops, I'm looking at making my paladin squads in increments of 315 points. They will look something like this:
Paladin w/ Nemesis Force Sword
Paladin w/ Daemonhammer
Paladin w/ Nemesis Force Halberd
Paladin w/ Nemesis Force Sword and Psycannon
Paladin w/ Nemesis Force Halberd and Psycannon

This squad is cheap (for paladins) and still has all the firepower and wound allocation capabilities of more expensive squads. It will also be striking at I6,4, and 1 throughout any assaults they find themselves in. I plan to use these squads as firebases and objective watchers, walking around and shooting stuff. at 2000 points, I will take one of these and a big squad made of two such increments that will combat squad (keeps KPs lower, and is better for Draigo's Grand Strategy)

Finally, the last addition I plan to make to this army is a few Dreadknights. The dreadknights will be kitted out with Greatswords, Heavy Incinerators/Heavy Psycannons, and Personal Teleporters. While expensive for single monstrous creatures, these guys are the mobility behind my force. These will jump into anything that is too deadly (like Lascannons, etc.) for my Paladins to face and either flame it or assault it. The Dreadknights also add some anti-tank punch that I need really badly in this army list, and the greatswords make sure that I will be hitting and wounding and penetrating things with more efficiency.
So, this army is made to act in concert, as a team. Hopefully, if everything does its job, I can do very well with this list!


  1. Interesting.
    As I have waffled back and forth on a Paladin List myself, I have found this and your previous article very interesting.


  2. Well, I'm glad that you found them interesting! I hope that you found the reasoning sound; I too have been having troubles picking a list to finalize, so I'm collecting this, and then, if I still want to, a Purifiers list.

  3. well, i think that the list is good but.. more tanks like a land raider crusaders with a multi melta. I've used it before in my paladin list and it is a great accessory.

  4. Maybe, but one tank in a 2000 point army is going to die by turn 2, at the latest. Really, I think that to be effective with Land Raiders, you need at least 2, and possibly a bunch of smaller vehicles, which takes away so many points that it basically makes a paladin list ineffective. No, a single Land Raider is not the way to go, and I don't feel comfortable running only 2 vehicles!

    If I want to run Land Raiders, I run my 4 Raider and 2 Vindicator Black Templar 2000 point army.