Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Command Center

This is a shout out to Thor from Creative Twilight for his creation, Command Center. Command Center is an army list builder, and guess what: its completely free! That's right, no more paying for Army Builder, when Command Center is free! Command Center stores army lists that you put into it, so that you can access your list from any computer. However, there is a catch. You have to put the information (stats, names) into Command Center in order for it to remember them. It doesn't automatically know these things, and right now, all it can remember are unit names and stats. However, Thor is currently working on getting points costs and wargear entries that will be remembered after your initial input. So get a profile, and start making army lists! Soon enough, with a little work on your part, and a lot on Thor's part, Command Center should be able to let you build army lists from scratch, without a codex. And it should be correct, because you put all the sensetive info in straight from the Codex of your choice! Everyone, support Thor's work and give it a try!          LINK TO COMMAND CENTER



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