Wednesday, August 10, 2011

College and Warhammer 40k

Well, these are two things that one doesn't normally say together, yet, it is the truth. I am going to college, and I will continue with Warhammer 40k, money and time or no. However, the one issue I will have is space, so I've been looking at different armies that fit close to my playstyle, that I like the looks of, are relatively small, and will be relatively easy to paint. So far, I'm looking at Destroyer+Monolith Necrons, Paladin Grey Knights/Lots o' Dreadnaughts Grey Knights, and Dark Angel Deathwing.

I will be selling most of my Tau and Black Templars (The better looking models, that is. The rest will probably be donate to a LGS), as I simply don't have space to keep them, and I cannot come up with an army size that is as small as I want with them. Most of my stuff is unpainted, thus I need an army that is easy to paint as my choice. The Black Templar, while a simple paint scheme, just didn't work for me, and I was spending way too much time painting them to get them to look right (mostly they still don't look right). And The Tau, well, I had a pretty funky paint scheme that I liked, but it is difficult to paint on smaller models, and only really looks right on Battlesuits and Piranhas. So I'm looking for advice on easy painting methods that are relatively quick for the armies I'm now looking at.

So anyways, the reasoning behind my choices for armies.

Necrons - Using Destroyer/Monolith Spam, I can get a relatively small army that is actually easy to paint with a speed painting method I use. Them being all metallic doesn't hurt either there. The only problem is, this army, to be good, will have to be a little bigger than I'm looking for. Verdict: Easy to Paint, A Little Large

Grey Knights - Whether I go Paladins or Dreads and Termies, this is definitely the smallest army I could get. These can also be pretty effective for the small size, and I ahve been shown a rather quick painting method or these guys from the LGS manager. Verdict: Small, Easy to Paint

Deathwing - Good size, slightly larger than Paladins but smaller than Necrons, lots of terminators blasting away. The only problem is, painting these guys will be next to impossible. Verdict: Smalle, Hard to Paint

Well, it actually looks like Grey Knights Paladins is the way to go. I was leaning Necrons, but the quick paint guide I was shown makes them actually easier to do than the Necrons!

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