Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tales of an Ever-Changing Gamer

That's right, I went and changed armies again, this time halfway through building my purifiers army! I just couldn't stand the Grey Knights codex, it just doesn't have the ability to do what I want it to do. So, I'm making a rather odd biker army, with vindicators, land speeders, and bikers. Hopefully, this army should stick around longer, like my tau did, though I will be going back to tau as soon as they get a new codex. oh, and I'm also starting a small tyranid force, as soon as my space marine army at 1750 is completed.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Burning Ring of Fire

Well, just a quick update on my resent history! In my last posts, I went over how I was going to make a Grey Knights Paladins army list. However, I found out shortly thereafter that a friend had already made one! So, I went with a Grey Knights Purifiers list. So, instead of 3 groups of paladins, draigo, and 3 dreadknights, I have 4 squads of purifiers, crowe, 3 dreadknights, 4 razorbacks, and a vindicare at 2000 points.

In all, I'm pleasantly surprised at how well this army list works for me. It has more mobility than my draigo army list, and more firepower. I think it suits my play style better, coming from the Tau like I did. Crowe has done fairly well for me, mainly holding up key units in CC, rather than killing stuff. Oh, and Purifying Flame is not much help vs marines. Not as helpful as Halberds, by a long shot. I have yet to play anything that Purifiers are supposed to "auto-win" against, but these guys play very well against really any marine variant!