Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crazy Tournament Tactics: Mission 2 - Border Skirmish

Mission 2 of the Crazy Tournament is Spearhead, with points being scored by controlling table quarters, Victory Points, and destroying all your opponent's Fast Attack choices. Some of the tactics that I will be using are as follows:

1)Put everything deep in my quarter. This way, I can stay back and hopefully not have to worry about my opponent getting me caught in CC. Of course, if I face Eldar or Dark Eldar, or some equally fast army, I will probably use the Tau Tank Wall tactic, creating a protective wall with my tanks to (hopefully) minimize my opponent's ability to get close to my battlesuits and piranhas. This battles will depend on a last turn push with Devilfish to take as many quarters as possible.

2)Go after point sinks. Since I can score points by having more Victory Points, I will probably focus on taking out the expensive stuff first, i.e., Land Raiders, Terminators, etc. If I do well here I shouldn't have to worry too much about controlling board quarters.

3)Play tag with a piranha. I will probably be running 1 of my piranhas around with the sole intent of it not getting killed. This way, I can deny 5 points to my opponent.

This mission will probably be more about the Victory Points than anything else. Whoever wins victory points will probably win the game, unless one of us gets lucky and somehow controls 3 table quarters.

What do you think? Will these tactics work in the given environment? Comments and additions, anyone?

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