Friday, February 25, 2011

Crazy Tournament: Mission 3 - Open War

Mission 3 of the Crazy Tournament is Pitched Battle, with 3 objectives on the center board line. You score points by controlling objectives, having more kill points, and killing off all HQ choices. These are some of the tactics I plan to employ:

1)Sit back and shoot. I will be probably sit back and shoot kill all of the opponent's troops, for kill points and objective denial. I will also be taking out all the weak transports, small units, etc. in an  effort to harvest kill points.

2)Hide with my commander! Not only does he give a KP, he also will give my opponent 5 extra points. I will probably sit him back in terrain or behind my army, out of LoS, to keep those points away from my opponent. Some JSJ my be used to get him to do some damage, but this game will be all about his survival.

3)Last turn tank shock! turn 5, I will blast forward with my Devilfish and try to tank shock anything off the objectives. hopefully, due to a Devilfish's size, I can keep the enemy more than 3" away if the game goes to turn 6 and further.

This game will be all about the easy kill points and the last turn objective push. I should be able to kill off my opponent's HQ as well, provided he isn't with something like a 10-man terminator squad. If I pull these off correctly, I should win this match.

What do you think? Good? Bad? Any additional tactics I should think about?

Thanks to Marnepup on Librarium Online for help with these tactics!

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