Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Black Templars HQ: Terminator Command Squads

Well, now we move on to the protection that the Black Templars provide for their commanders: Command Squads! But to start off, we will be going over the little seen Terminator Command Squad.

Honestly, I can understand why a Black Templar Terminator Command Squad is rarely seen on the field of battle. Some things (like these squads) just don't make sense. We have a Black Templar Commander or Chaplain (in terminator armor of course), screaming curses at the enemy as he prepares to charge. And we have the Terminator Command Squad that he is leading, built to not get into CC. That's right, the terminator command squad for a CC beast just so happens to be made up of what is so commonly refered to as "shooty" terminators. No lightning claws, no thunder hammers or storm shields, just powerfists and storm bolters. Basically, by taking a terminator command squad, you are stopping one of your best HQs from getting into CC by nature of what his squad is made of. Now, "shooty" terminators are good in CC. Against anything basic, like guardsmen or Fire Warriors, "shooty" terminators will do just fine. The problem comes when you want to charge at something a little stronger. Charge anything with power weapons and your terminator squad will start falling like flies before making a single attack back.

Now, obviously a terminator command squad has its uses. It adds up to 10 wounds to your marshal or chaplain. It makes it so Black Templar can have up to 50 terminators on the field. They provide awesome fire support, with their ability to take assault cannons and Cyclone Missile Launchers. But they don't match the majority of HQs that the Black Templar can take. For this reason, and this reason alone, I recommend never taking terminator command squads unless it is with something like the "survivable" terminator marshal I put in this post. Basically, you want a terminator command squad to sit back and shoot, while guarding something that is made to survive and not fight heavy enemies. Sure, you can still assault basic squads. But don't send these guys after the "bigger fish." It's just a waste of points to use a terminator command squad as a dedicated CC unit.

So, the builds I would recommend for Terminator Command Squads are as follows:
(note, all of these squads are made to accompany the afore mentioned "survivable" terminator marshal/castellan. I would not recommend using these squads with a Chaplain, as it will kill the Chaplain to have to sit back and watch the battle take place)

Long Range Tank Hunters: 5 Terminators, Tank Hunters, 2 Cyclone Missile Launchers - 265
Basically, sits back and shoots stuff with the added bonus of Tank Hunters for, well, shooting tanks.

Shorter Ranged Rending Tank Hunters: 5 Terminators, Tank Hunters, 2 Assault Cannons - 255
This squad will get Close to the enemy and just overwhelm them with rate of fire, which just so happens to be rending and Tank Hunters for those pesky things (like Land Raiders).

Of these two squads, my favorite has to be the first. Using this squad as dedicated Anti-Tank leaves elites slots open for more CC-oriented units. Both squads have their merits, with the first being stronger shots, and the second having double the rate of fire with the ability to take out infantry and tanks alike.

Comments, Critiques?

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