Monday, May 2, 2011

Much Ado about an (old, but we don't mention that) Angry Marine

Well, today I'm going to look at some of the aspects of one of my brother's armies...The Black Templar! Having recently read Helsreach, I have to say that Black Templar are utter beasts. Not only do they do all kinds of awesome stuff in the book, but in regular 40k, who doesn't love assault terminators with twin lightning claws, furious charge, and prefered enemy? Anyway, I've been looking over the codex more thoroughly, and I have to say, being a 4th edition codex has its perks. Ld 10 from a marshal, cheap Typhoons, Min/Max squads of everything, and my most favorite, Power of the Machine Spirit Vindicators! Of course, there are also the downfalls, like marshals only being WS 5, none of them having grenades, and rather expensive anything that hasn't been FAQ'd. But hey, they can still be beasts! So, my next few posts will look further into the depths of the Black Templar, and hopefully surface with a competitive 4th edition codex army (I like being competitive, by the way)!

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